When life gives you a lemon!

Dear Life,

For a person who is used to be occupied, sickness is just another break from the busy schedule, which of course isn’t a great experience. It’s been 10 days now and I’m still recovering from viral fever. In these days I’ve been encountered by the hypersensitive side of me and the feeling of being missed and most of all, missing something and everything creeps me from within. With sickness, came lots of troubled feelings from past and fears of future that caused discomfort.

So I planned to let it go and take it easy, and trust me, it wasn’t easy at all!

Sitting in my balcony, and brooding on things I could let off my mind and how I can learn to ‘let it go’, I felt the drizzle starting to pour on me and I couldn’t stop from staring at the beautiful colours of nature. For those few moments, I found myself in a completely different world. The nature made me feel happy and the rains washed off my stress. I couldn’t think of anything, but capturing the moment. Had it been a busy day, I wouldn’t have realised how the nature wanted to talk to me and revitalise my lost hopes.


So dear life, when you gave me a lemon, I sprinkled it all over me 😉



Starting my blog again, ‘Hi-5 to Life’, trying to gather those little things you keep gifting me with and I have been ignoring for quite sometime now. 🙂


Thank you dear life,

Yours lovingly


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  1. Woww di u r just an amazing person.. You hv expressed ur feelings so well in these words.. 😊😊I m really proud n lucky to be in contact with such a talented n brave girl 😘😘 My Rashmi di💝💝 U have always been my idol😍😍May god fulfills all ur wishes n dreams.. May u get the ocean full of happiness in life 😘😘 Love uuuu so much 💝💝😘😘

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