The Sophisticated Hogwash

Ever pondered upon the most significant factor to acclimatize in the so called civilization? Well it’s yet not late and you may outshine amongst those unenlightened spirits who form a major part of the civilization. No doubt my repugnance for praxis arises from my own experiences and I believe my silence would some day transpire from my veins in the guise of a sonorous snub over their faces. Though they never counted upon me, (probably because I was kept away from the clamour) I have met real victims whose impulses have already assumed demise years ago. And you can only shore up in the so called civilization if you actually conceal your identity, when you can only let your opinions and practices camouflage for the time being and wear a mask over your face. This mask would not only outline the synthetic you, but will also redeem you from the insipid omens.
Which example should I put down to illustrate how deeply have I been perturbed by seeing people struggling in their lives only because the social crust has compelled them to. And do not be flabbergasted if I say that it’s not just the crust, but the foundation is led by the core, the adherent of the family itself who delineates the demarcation line.
I know a girl, who lost her dad a year ago, and is undergoing a severe trauma. The distress is not just because of the sudden demise of her father, but the pressure built upon her by her family members to earn and support them. I repeat “PRESSURE”. Never in a time period of one year did ever anyone ask her that how was she doing. If she was in good health or not! All they wanted was “SUPPORT”.
Very well educated parents, two of whose sons studied at the IIT and one of the most renowned international universities respectively, did something trivial. They wed their educated daughter to a man whose education was misinformed, whose dark and stout look gainsaid the factuality of his age, and probably any genuine person would think twice before introducing him to anyone. There is no irony or satire or exaggeration in any of my statements. The only reason why they wed her to him was, that he was a multi-millionaire…he must have kissed the spirits of his great grandfathers who gave him the opportunity to have a smart and beautiful wife. No doubt her life in sari would testify all the facets of life that “Ekta Kapoor” compels into the brain-box of the viewers of her serials.
I may not exemplify all of what I’ve been able to discern. But through this post, all I want the readers is to at least mull over the social dogma and denounce them not just for the sake of self, but for the sake of humanity. I am no evangelist with sermons to promulgate the idea of extending treatment to the socially sick. All I am is a philanthropist, and I believe that even you are! “Why tucking hands in others’ torn-outs”, is the ideology that commands us today. I do not have any idea how the above instances could have been eschewed, but of course I know someone could have definitely acted as a nip in the bud. Being sturdy over our convictions that go beyond the social paradigm would definitely contribute towards refraining people from these practices. After all, they practice this only because majority approbates.

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  1. The people whom you call 'victims' shall remain so till you continue treating them as such. I shall reformulate some of your questions based on your own experiences. Why did a well educated girl from a well educated family rely on her parents to fix her marriage. Don't you think SHE should have decided who is fit to marry her and NOT her parents? 'PRESSURE' is a way of life and I assure you that it is an asset most of the time. Those who have survived huge pressure conditions in life are the strongest people I've seen. So, I don't see those people who are under pressure as victims. I see them as 'men' and 'women' in making. I see them as cocoons waiting to be the butterfly.People who can have acted and acted BEST in these situations are the people whom you call the victims.

  2. Finally someone came out with real valid question, the answer of which may not be with me entirely. I'd rather be specific by saying that 'The Victim' was for the time being, and who they turn out to be is gradually is the aftereffect. Of course it varies from individual to individual. In the first case, the girl went under depression, until she was brain washed. Come'on! the educated cannot always be considered wise. Education isn't the only standard for a person to turn a rebel. But with time, she has adjusted, rather compromised.Of course, I agree that the people dealing with maximum pressure are the strongest. But in the second instance, the Pressure has been put where it could have been easily avoided. I am not SYMPATHIZING with them. And yes, in the latter case, the girl is definitely the one who's acting. She's very strong and self-dependent.

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