Steps Ahead


A path less traded yet seemed fun
when I had started on my own
could decipher those giggles
when I was all alone.

Harvested my ideas with all my might
Hungry days and sleepless nights
focussed and determined to bear
the reasons why I deserved the share

Bit by bit I could note
a portion of the crawling into my boat
And as I moved ahead with those gazes
the same giggles turned into praises

My thoughts were lucid,
They followed it to a distance
until the time…

A quiver arrived abided by a dimension
proving me faulty over the definition
Barring me from the gateways
I had ordinated for my destination

The same herd that I observed
in no time turned hostile,
I could sense the distance yet to be covered
now converting into Miles.

Don’t know how far will my soul
will walk all alone to reach
When in a moment all was legal,
the other moment called it a breach.

Though aware that the same trough
would someday turn into a crest
The same herd of acolytes
would re-enter in my quest.

But I’m groomed to seek it all
Discovering the “me”
and the lessons deep buried.

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