Palolem: The Goan Beauty beating the off season

Making impressions on the sands I knew would be washed away in another few seconds, yet I was glad. Walking beside the beach, perfectly ignored and unnoticed, made me feel relaxed. This was something I had desired for. The cool breeze made friends with my playful hair and they jelled along so well. My eyes felt pleasant, though hard to stay for long with a single expression. They are the best linguists to interpret what’s going inside. Walking against the zephyr, with a smile from ear to ear, I could feel the gentle drops of rain on my face and how I embraced it. I was elated.

The tides were high and every time they came to me, they passed a bit of their alacrity. I closed my eyes for a while, as I still walked beside the ocean. I could listen to the waves so mischievious and playful.

I had found peace and serenity.

beach side at palolem

The off season has its own flavour. Away from the ho hum, I had more choices of raw exploration. With the empty flea market with already reduced prices, we shopped but did not negotiate. We made friends with locals and had some finger licking local goan food.


Sitting at the beach side restaurant and treating my eyes with the view at Cocktails and Dreams, Palolem.

I came across a wornderful music shop where every piece of instrument was handmade. A musician from Lucknow, I learned how the shopkeeper had capitalised his talent and dream of music through his business. I bought a Djembe at a very reasonable price.

As I moved further, I found a shop with variety of bags. It wasn’t just any bag shop, but a manufacturer’s shop who used to design and make leather bags. It looked like any simple bag shop from outside, but I realised its worth when I entered inside. We looked at variety of new designs. Being a lover of bags, I knew that it would cost me thrice the charges if I went for those designs and quality in Bangalore Malls. We managed to pick some nice ones at a steal deal.

But the best part was…

wait for it….

The Goan Food.

My favourite Goan Delicacy was the Gomantak Thali! This is more than I can eat at once, but I wiped out the entire plate!

Palolem is located about 60 kms from the Airport and falls in South Goa, which is considered to be lesser explored part of Goa. It’s worth spending 2 days. If you wish to visit the place, do make sure that you make the bookings in advance.

Happy Travelling!!

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