moments agone!!

The nostalgia that dribbles along with us as we travel through those paths unknown, is the only treasure that we carry. Never will they ever return but will prod us to contrive a placid path, guiding forth. To every endearing moment we all have come across, I dedicate this poem.
The rollback feel sustains,
As the heart yearns to remain
In the core of memories if I dwell,
Can these moments have a prequel?
I had drawn a chimera of my dreams,
With a drop of dew and golden beams
Borrowed wings of birds and sounds of leaves
My loom of dream has all its weaves
The hands that touched me gentle and warm,
The preaching still holds its charm
Imbibed in me the sapphires of wisdom,
Get me back to my heavenly kingdom
Played with you in the farms years ago,
Hands in hands we hopped and grew
The innocent eyes when twinkled with glare
Played with frolic, fought with flare
Wish I’d lie there in your arms till I grew,
Away from the ho hum that baffles me.
The sedulous love bestowed o’er me
Away from the delusive mirth and glee.

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  1. Nuthin new from u…..same as before….awesum poem…i think ppl close to u have gt used to be treated wid such luvly poems…once again thanx a lot for posts…really makes me jealous abt ur talents…keep on goin…i know u will do even if no one tells u 2…lolz..

  2. One more masterpiece from our great poet :pI like you way of expressing your thoughts. When you handed me your collection of some 100+ poems…and after reading all of them(seriousy I read all of them), I was just waiting for your new compostion. Thank God it finally came now.A wonderful poem indeed. God bless ya..all the best. Keep rocking m/

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