Katrana ka Ghosla!!

I stay in a single room flat on the fourth floor. The height’s not an imperative cause as to why I’m searching for a new room, but staying on the “top floor” shall drive away all the doubts in your minds.
In summers, I am a victim of onslaught of inferno over me whereas in the rainy season, my walls bleed…..Bleed water!! Poor me, its been only a year since I have shifted to this flat, and in these twelve months, I’m satiated with all uppity from its end. And this is absolutely intolerable, because there can be only  one uppish character in my world and that is “ME”!!
If these weren’t the factors, I would have loved to stay at my room as its peaceful arena and the positive vibes embrace me, absorb all my vexes and probably ricochet it to some world unknown.
So finally unanimously both mind and heart started the quest for the rooms over the internet. Fortunately I managed to get a number of a flat owner who was interested to rent his flat at a reasonable rate. Now, before I proceed, let me educate the ignorant readers (with due respect), that the rent of the single room flats in the locality where I stay is Rs. 8000-14000 at present.
Finally my poor brain’s engine had to be ignited so that I don’t have to lead a mendicant’s life (if your entire monthly budget is spent on the rent, you’re obviously gonna turn into a mendicant!!). The room was far from my college, but the low rent of Rs.4000 allured me without any doubt. I had requested one of my close friends to assist me in the mission. We headed towards rohini. Got down at Rithala metro station and boarded the metro feeder bus. Trust me, it had been more than a year since I had traveled in any bus on the roads of delhi. The owner stayed at a different place and had not been to this flat since past two years, and according to him, the flat was empty (mind the facts). He said that the flat was about 2 kms away from Rithala Metro station. So finally when we reached Rohini, sector 21, Pocket-12 soon to realize that the distance had to be at least 6 kms. And when we reached Flat no. 68, our ultimate destination….here’s the shock.
The people staying in that area said that none of the flats were empty. Soon, the owner of that very flat came forward claiming his property. My friend and I stood like idiots, “MTV bakras type”. But it was no joke. Now I called up Mr. Katrana, the one who guided us through, and here’s our conversation:
K: yes Ms. Rashmi, did you get the flat?
Me: no sir, people don’t know you and they say that there’s no such flat in the locality for rent
K: no no, you may not be at the right place.
Me: oh, I am Sir, why don’t you talk to the lady who stays in this flat
(I handed over the mobile to the lady.)
Lady:  haanji sir…… Yeh humaara makaan hai……..Gupta ji ne dilwaaya hai……hum aapko nahi jaante. Haan haan yeh wahi DDA flats waala area hai…….haan lo baat kar lo!
(Returns the phone)
Me: yes Sir
K: Rashmi, I haven’t been there since past two years, so maybe I’ve given you the wrong flat number….but I am really concerned because you’ve travelled all the way.)
Me: hmmm
K: so do me a favor, just walk back to the entrance, is there a chowkidar on the gate and did you make an entry before entering?
Me: yes
K: fine, you are at the right location
(Oh thank you)
K: now move straight, you’ll find an immediate passage along your left.
Me: yes
K: don’t take that turn keep moving straight, there’s another left turn, right?
Me: yes, should I take the turn?
K: no keep moving further. There’s a passage between the parking and a field, isn’t it?
Me: yes
K: now I am damn sure that you are at the right place
(Oh, come on, gimme a break… still not confident?)
Me: okay
K: now take a turn and get into the very first flat.
Me: it’s the same flat I just came from (u idiot!!)
K: okay then, move forward to the adjoining flat. That must be it.
Me: (with a big sigh, “that must be it?”) ok
K: climb up to the first floor.
Me: okay, m on the first floor, and there are four doors, two at the front and two on my immediate left and right respectively.
K: Thank God…there you are! (Hell knows what he achieved!)
Me: okay now what?
K: the door on your left must be locked.
Me: (raising my brows) No sir, probably the interlock’s there.
(And here I ring the bell inviting a little boy to open the door. )
Me: Sir, people live here and again it’s not your room.
K: oh, I’m so sorry. But I’m really concerned for you.
(“Concern” gaya tel lene)
Me: It’s ok sir, anyways I’ve decided not to stay here, so I’d rather head back to my room.
K: who stays in my flat? I need to come there now.
Me: Fine Sir, but I shall be leaving ‘coz it’s getting late.
So the gentleman messaged me, “I’m sorry for all the inconvenience Rashmi, hope you get a room of your liking and take care”
With due respect to all forgetful people, I forgive you sir.
But I still wonder, “Don’t I owe you something Mr. Katrana? Maybe a tight kick on your bums?”
It’s not always a pleasant experience, exploring unknown and uncertain paths. But what we gain at the end of the day is an experience. I never regret as to why did I venture, afterall, I gotta see the rural side of delhi. The half constructed roads, big fields and most of all the songs played in the metro feeder, “saat samandaar paar!!”  For those few hours, I felt I was away from delhi.
N.B: All the facts and figures above are the original, and readers may visit the address for authentication sake.
Katranaji, please visit your flat and confirm whether it’s empty or has been occupied by some cons…..you never know!!

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  1. Katranaji…ye kya ho gaya?? aapka flat kaha gaya?? You r a damn good story teller 🙂 You took me in a rollback to the tiring journey.It actually irritated me too. And thank you Rashmiji and Katranaji for handing me an experience of a life time…huh…:/

  2. very ture …damn gud story teller…n d funniest part..it acutally happend ;p…just can imagine u in dat situation ..hehehe…d humour is awsome…keep writing..waitin for ur next entry..al d best:-)

  3. Nice one!! By the way, aapné mujhe ehsaas dilaya ki sahibganj mé bahut sasta me tha mai. 2-room houz me 2000/- rent mé rahta tha!! Waise katranaji jaisé logoñ ki sbg mé v kami nai hai!!

  4. relishly njoyd the reader's ride taking on full back seat and wondering what would happen next..and there comes a new twist altogether.Must say a good piece of innovativeness in form of writing.

  5. thanks! The entire information is so very true, if at all one follows the address, they'll definitely reach Mr. Katrana's house! He must be thanking his stars for not giving his first name to me, or else I'd have posted it on his FB wall as a big note :p

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