chapter 1: those naughty days

N.B: Before I share a short incident of my life, I’d like the readers to go through the introduction carefully. Hope the readers will be able to imbibe a perception about my thought process. This introduction has been given to support my blogs in future as well. I hope there won’t be any doubt regarding the transition.
If I see my life through my perspective, I may consider myself an ordinary girl in the first instance. This is because my mind would rather choose to procrastinate than allowing my heart to get into the fathom of my life and appease me that I am no “usual” girl. There are several instances where there has been a big war between my heart and my mind (rather brain), where the culmination takes place only after the coalition formed among them where the brain and its parts unite as opposition when the heart governs and vice-versa. Though I don’t say that my brain is insipid, but I’d always be partial towards my heart. Now this may sound foolish to people who consider themselves pragmatic (which I don’t) as they may think that the heart has got lesser role in moving forward and that it has to be the brain maneuvering the life’s game. Anyways, it’s a debatable topic that I leave up to the readers to comprehend. Again both heart and mind are antecedents, but at the end what I want to convey is that “I’m partial towards my heart”. (And that brings a smile to my face).
Well, what keeps my adrenaline pumping is the practice of optimism in every situation I face. Though I confess that circumstances have been debilitating several times and I had been drawn along with them leading to a detrimental situation, but before my life could get trapped in the whirlpool of treacherous destiny, my best friend ‘Mr. Optimism’ lends his hands, rivets it with mine and pulls me back to the shore and says with a grin, “see, I saved you from the scuttle”. And I smile blatantly though trying to oblige. No doubt, my life’s filled with dares. Be it at the age of two when I ran my little bicycle down the stairs and got a cut over my left eyebrow and getting three stitches over my tender skin and a scar for lifelong, or when I fell from a tree. Probably I had thought I was old enough to do that stunt. But let me tell you, behind both the heroic acts, there was the main hero (behind the scene) who inspired me and awakened the Zorro in me that was in his deep slumber from the time my existence was discovered. And that is my super contriving, supersonic, super cognizant, super intelligent, super glaring and super delighted, elder brother who arrived two years ahead of me on the earth. ( When I praise my brother, kindly note that it’s a satire). Well, all the ‘supers’ used here have been done for a purpose. How can I forget how he would cast me as villain in his so called drama, and become the savior of the world “The Super Man”.  (I’ll keep this story for my later blogs)
You must be wondering why I described the coalition between my heart and my mind. I did so to differentiate between the two characters of this real life story, my brother who prefers mind and myself who listens to heart more. (No comments over the practicality).
We all are aware that the reel life differs from the real one. And I stood as a lively example for the same. Though my bhaiya acted as a super hero, it was me who did the real stunts. Among those deadly stunts, here I present before you the most thrilling one which I did at the young age of 3.
This age has been a crucial one, as I was admitted to my school. And it was the first summer vacation of my life. This year papa and mummy had planned to spend our vacation at our grandparent’s place. Our excitement was par our expressions. And the main reason was,
The venture into the secret store of our Dadima, where she kept all the delicacies and forbade us to explore.
But we would never give up, and find some or the other measure to pop in and steal jaggery and the delicious sweets!! She kept us away because we were least bothered to maintain sanity. An obvious reason though.
There we were! At my village, sitting on Dadi’s lap and being pampered. No classes, no homework, no scoldings. All fun and play. Though my brother and I have been popular for the polarity in our views and ideas, we’ve been performing mischieves unanimously and with placid maneuvers. And in every notorious deed we performed, there has been an additional spice, the unplanned climax.
The first day, seemed to be an impossible one, with all the relatives visiting us from every nook and corner of the village. So we behaved as decent as we could. And with the passage of time, the greed for those sweets and the desire strengthened.
The next day seemed to be a usual one. Papa went out with dadaji to have a stroll in the fields and mummy busy in the kitchen with daadi. There couldn’t have been a better time to execute our plan. My brother and I went towards the two storied building. It was all my dadi’s territory. She used to sleep on the ground-floor, and her stock was on the first. We entered into her room. Suddenly, an idea popped into my super intelligent brother’s mind. He asked me to climb the stairs whilst he’d stay on the ground floor and check for any passerby. I agreed. (Today I sympathise myself for the decision I took.)
I climbed up and started exploring. Oh, daadi was a miraculous cook. The entire room was all filled with matkas and matkas were filled with “desi mithais”. The fragrance of desi ghee and dahi could have debilitated anyone’s honest character. Anyone who wanted those had to get special permission from her. And we were smart idiots so we didn’t bother to seek any sort of permission. There was a small opening, a so called window, wherein a small kid of my height could easily fit. In no time, I could hear someone climbing the stairs and my nerves steeled. I ran to the window just to realize that someone had trespassed my brother’s vigilance and was actually heading towards the room. Now my helpless brother, and I being more helpless, shared a “helpless” glance and at once he shouted, “Jump, I’ll catch you”. Poor me, I jumped from the first floor, and trust me, I remember nothing after that.
Mom said when they found me on the ground, no one was around.
My bhaiya had run away.
The height wasn’t much as it was a village construction. God’s grace that I wasn’t hurt at all, or else, one would have never found me mentioning this incident so sarcastically!!
There are several other incidents that add up to our thrilling adventure.
It feels great when I think of those days. Now that we haven’t met for past 2 and half years, I miss him. De facto is, if at all we meet, we shall smile together for first 10 minutes, and then after, the highlights of polarity will continue till we part again. That’s how we live.

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  1. A wonderful writing skill, use of rich words and mesmerising plot which took me to my own childhood. Hoping for some more adventures in your next post.Keep your optimism strong. All the best for your life.

  2. Damn lady!!! You did mention a few things which might make all the readers recall such incidents of their past!!! I did, and think that many others did the same too.

  3. the adventure unexplored explores,in its preamblic chapter a well acknowledged innocence and inbron instinct of children.It is endearing to read this account which carries us to our own merry days.A justifiably honest attempt by Rashmi,one must applaud the sincerity of the writer with which the anecdote is served for savouring.It gives a lasting emuncipation to our souls…kidos!!!Aakash deep

  4. wow lovely!! m sure every1 will enjoy readin this…i did a lot…humorous..innocence described well….just reminds us our chilhood days..our mischievious thoughts..naughty mind is well explored :)…i think u have got gud future in writin skills…should write more and more….would love to read 🙂

  5. hilarious…..specially d sataire part…;-)d SUPERS…very well written..innocent and sweet :-)d way of introducing the characters both active and passive and the war between ur heart n mind is.. os amazing….keep writting….waitin for d next…all d best..;-)smriti

  6. Thank you loads for your responses. Felt great to read them all. Not just the comments, but the appreciations through mails and phone as well….m still waiting for my brother to put down his words…may be he got a different version for this incident….Thank you once again.Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2011.

  7. A very interesting readin i must say…neways truly njoyed readin da blog….hats off to u rashmi…never knew u had a such good writing skills…really reminded me of ma childhood days…keep the gud wrk goin on…lookin fwd to read more stuffs from u…all da best for the future write-ups….!!!

  8. funny..interesting..beautifully written..nice use of language..reminded me of my own childhood..excellent writing style..keep writing..waiting for the next..!!!!

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