Bhagwaan Dhoondho

It portrayed a life of a passionate Painter entering a City to exhibit his talent to the masses, A joker who loved photography yet couldn’t afford a camera, A girl struggling to meet her Mr. Perfect, A boy burdened to excel in everything that could bring name to his Family and a guy bound to become a terrorist.

A theatre with improvisation technique gave the audience the opportunity to pick one of the stories and develop the climax.

Probably if I start writing on every story and citation, I might complete a book. So, wanna keep it precise and dedicate this write-up completely to “how Bhagwaan Dhoondho impacted me :)”


At a stage where I find myself baffled with caboodle of confusions, the play assures me that I am not the only one but probably all of us have been a part of this muddiness at some point of our times.

An act that coerced me to ruminate over several approaches life proposes to us and how we respond to them deliberately or unknowingly. Where is my God? Before asking this question I’d rather try to define my God. In duration of one and a half hours, the play already had almost 10 different scenes to depict the human psychology and behavior that was influenced by the society. It titillated my instinct and probably many amongst the audience who could feel how easily we lose our beliefs and values to the common.

Of course, that’s purely my perspective.

But yeah, I did find the play empathizing with me.

As it journeyed through phases of life with the crests and troughs carrying us along, there was an element of sarcasm in it that tickled me. Where there were several scenes where I laughed my heart out like a little child hooting and jumping out of my chair, there were also some moments when I could find myself holding my seat and taken aback by the melodramatic turns. I couldn’t even clap at times because I could see myself there on the stage and the depth of incidents life has brought to me.

Of course, I lead my life and try to live it to the fullest!

And Bhagwaan Dhoondho acted as a catalyst, arriving at the perfect time when I was in a dilemma. Probably a message being conveyed by the power that I am doing it right, and I shouldn’t lose hope.

How refreshing and energizing your Acts are. Ranji, Sumit, Vishal, Nandini, Madhukar…..and each and every actor who gave their 100 percent in every appearance big or small! (I’m sure I’ll learn all the names soon)!!

Guys, I’ve fallen in love with you all!!!  You Simply Rock! My celebrities!!

The entire Yours Truly Team, I owe you a Big Salute for the great Job that you guys are doing. And for the positivity that you are spreading all over, I have no words how to thank you!!

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  1. Awesome Thoughts reflecting the pulse and feel of what we are going through in our journeys !!! Let the search is on 🙂 , if it ends whats the fun 🙂

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