Well all these days, I’ve been haunted by thoughts of depreciating writing skills. And to bump off this improbable thought, I decided to write something. Kept wondering what else is a part of my life other than office and friends? I realized that my habit of watching TV series can be definitely laid well to an audience. The thought embarked when I recently shifted to a PG and realized my desperation to intercommunicate with my PG mates about these series. But to my utter disappointment (with no offense) the hall echoes with the noises of some saas- bahu arguments or some stupid comedy acts on local channels.

Anyways, keeping my unsettled scores aside, here are my favorites TV Series and I’m sure many of you out there would be watching them as well. Others who don’t, I would strongly recommend you to watch these.


  1. Game of Thrones


“Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the battle for the Iron Throne has begun.” It’s the hunger for the power that makes them “beg, borrow, steal” to get the power. The fight where no one’s right and no one’s wrong either. Every life justified. Wisdom is extended to a length beyond our definitions. And wisdom is not the the only thing that matters!

2. Sherlock Homes


Sherlock Homes! I admire the character. A total sociopath or psychopath, call him whatever, does he care? With his brilliant mind and scientific deductions, Sherlock has solved them all. Dr. Watson, who is destined to have been closely surrounded and influenced by psychopaths, is most of the times surprised by his friend Sherlock as much as the viewers are!

3. Prison Break

prison break

Spent sleepless nights watching the series of Prison Break. I’m not sure if something as addictive existed on this earth.

4. Friends


It was friends that taught me that it’s more about making moments light in our lives. A perfect blend of life and comedy. After all, life’s not as complicated!

5. Modern Family

modern family

This one’s my favorite. Modern family! Perfect blend of 3 generations and how their lives though diversified, revolve around each other. Every member of the family is important and every feeling, big or small is taken care of. But in the midst, there’s a lot of drama that dances between the beginning and the climax of an event.

6. The Big Bang Theory


The gang mixed with nerds, sociopaths, “don’t wanna be sociopath” and a normal girl. The hilarious representation of intelligence and over-intelligence. People with an IQ, an normal IQ and higher IQ. All can watch!

7. How I met your Mother


Still not got out of the hang over of the grand finale of How I met your mother. So closely I relate it to what’s happening in my life 😉 A must watch for all who have great friends in their lives 🙂



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  1. Hi,
    What kind of PG-mates how can someone say no to watching the awesome Tv series like them. My FAV is HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, I can talk all day about them…

    It is a good article,

    Sandeep jetty

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